Quoll alone: Where is Skittles (Pilot episode)


Update as of now:
The Pilot is no longer Canon

Skittles gose missing and its up to Dolly, Nat and Kitube to go find her.

WARNING: the animation might be a little Rushed.
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Vocie actors:
Nat: YokoMation
Kitube: YokoMation
Captian Cuckoo: YokoMation
Dolly B,Fox: Itoruna

Blender 2.78
sony movie studio platinum 13.0

Animated by:
Yokomation Studio

Written by:
Yokomation Studio

Soundtrack and songs used:
Ice Age 3- Dawn of the Dinosaurs Game Music - Main Theme
Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking - The WOW Signal
ALWAYS- Sunset on Third Street Sequel - T01- Godzilla's Theme
Ice Age 2- the Meltdown Game Music - Waterpark Track 1
Spyro 2 - Gulp's Overlook
Dont know the name of that song at 02: 49 [Minna no NC] Kirby's Dream Collection - Medley Recording Feature SpongeBob - The Drunken Sailor (Nicolas Carr) SpongeBob - Furtive Footsteps Godzilla (1998) - Eat The French Godzilla (1998) - Nick Phones For Help Rayman Legends - Mechanical Dragon Rusted Root - Send me on my way Spore Galactic Adventures - Alien Abduction The Paulette Sisters - Never smile at a crocodile Spore Galactic Adventures - Horror Monster Hunter 4 - Tigrex battle Theme Rayman Origins - Actions Speak Louder Than Words Rayman Origins - The Tricky Treasure T-REX- BACK TO THE CRETACEOUS (1998) - William Ross - IMAX Movie Soundtrack Suite Ice Age Dawn Of The Dinosaurs - Momma Dinosaur 2000 - The Egg Hatches Jurassic World - Costa Rican Standoff Godzilla (1998) - He's Back-Taxi Chase & Clue Jurassic park the Lost world - end credits Walking with Dinosaurs-The Arena Spectacular - Last night on Earth Ice Age Dawn Of The Dinosaurs - Farewell SpongeBob SquarePants - Hawaiian Cocktail Super Mario Odyssey - It's time to jump up/Jump up SuperStar Characters: Scrat - (Ice age): bule sky Studios
Dolly B,Fox - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios Nat - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios
Kitube - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios Skittles - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios
Godzlla - (Godzilla 2014, Godzilla 2: King of the monsters): Toho and Legendary Pictures
Ozzy the Spinosaurs - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios Captain cuckoo - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios
Reggie - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios Grumpy - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios
Piggy Pack/Back - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios Rekkusu - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studios
Chomper - (Quoll alone): Yokomarion studio`s
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