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I make every song from a mostly transparent point of view but this one I wanted to aim at specifics. I talk about issues that I feel aren't addressed or at least aren't addressed like, well. Drinking is mentioned which i think is something that definitely needed to be talked about. I'm not anti alcohol but I do think now more than ever drinking is being shown as this great thing but just like anything it has negatives. Bad negatives. For me personally I've always seen the negatives of drinking far out-way the positives. Different people have different ways of functioning obviously so just know I'm coming from my own point of view and I'm not hating on anyone who drinks obviously.
Other topics I mention are pride, not learning, and just laziness i guess. Hopefully this song fits its name I know your probably sick and tired of hearing the same music recreated and it all sounding the same. So my goal here was to "Purify" your ears and my head.

Thanks for listening

Much Love, Clayton

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I'm making music tell me tell me what's the goal.
There asking questions that I don't even know.
When I rap about facts about tracks that I made..
Am I back with a track or just trash that I make.

What's the issue with me.
What did I wanna be?
It started off so easy .
Now i gotta be,
Some person i don't need to see.

I try so hard to be hard.
I need to learn from the dark.
I need to learn from the dark.

I have to learn on my own so excuse me.
I need some time all alone. so refuse me.
If i say no. Than please please just don't

What's joy? tell me where to find it.
They say roll a joint. Tell me how to time this.
All the work I put inside this music what's the point.
If in the end I die and no one ever heard my voice.
Drink it all away. That's the worst advice to give.
Cause you still have all the problems when you throw up on your kid.
Throw up on the couch you threw up in the game.
That's your body telling you that what your doing is insane.
Can't you listen to your brain?

Don't ever let a single person tell you how to be or how to see. Like they can't dream. So they just speak.
Your awake and they are dead. Tell the boys lets get this bread.
But really please listen to me, Don't ever let a single person tell you how to breathe.
Unispired lost desires. I just wish that I could know. If I'm taking the right road.
If I'm taking the time tho. Can I lose what is mine no.
I just wish i had a guide tho.
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