'Three' - Soundtrack Style Orchestral Piece [FL Studio 20]

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(Originally uploaded to YouTube on the 21st of December 2018 ^^ )

here's another one. the colour scheme of my FL Studio template and the gradient doesn't really work but idek.
also I'm making this a premiere thingy even though nobody will come oopsieee.

Program: FL Studio 20
Plugins: EastWest Hollywood Orchestra, EastWest Goliath, EastWest Voices of Passion, EastWest Stormdrum 2, some other eastwest stuff which comes with the composercloud which I can't remember, EastWest QL Spaces, Ozone Imager, TDR Feedback Compressor, and something I've forgotten the name of

also I would list my PC specs but I can't remember them off by heart so lemme just uhh throw this here later

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