Hypertext Components: Visualizing Tracked Text Changes

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Tracked text changes visualized as a single, standalone XHTML file. Versions, revisions, history, diff on the character level while retaining the chronological order, so no after-the-fact heuristical diff can obscure how a text actually was developed/composed.

Download: http://hypertext-systems.org/downloads.php
Example: https://skreutzer.de/htx/de_skreutzer_20181104T160224Z_personal_hypertext_report_9.xhtml
Background: https://skreutzer.de/2018/11/04/personal-hypertext-report-9/, https://skreutzer.de/2018/11/11/personal-hypertext-report-10/
Uploaded on Dec 27, 2018 at 10:12 PM
Category: Science and Technology

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