The Complete Trevor & Cooper Series

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Hey, have you ever wanted to watch all the episodes of Trevor & Cooper in one go? Well now's your chance. Kick back and watch the complete series in this one video! Never seen them before (or it's been a while)? Well, Trevor is a guy who wants to pick up them hot babes and Cooper is a smart science guy who takes Trevor on adventures. In this video, you get to see all 4 episodes. The Pilot (introduces our dumb characters), Field Tests (they test out dumb science stuff), Destiny Calls (they go to space and beat up an alien guy) and Day Off (where Trevor gets left home alone). So yeah, enjoy the series either for the first time or the how many-th time! And for those wondering, this is released to introduce new viewers (or re-introduce old ones) to the series as I am releasing the finale for this series soon. It's a movie we've been working on for a while and will be coming soon. And don't worry, the movie can stand on its own even if you don't watch this as the movie takes place roughly a few months after the series ends.

Also, refer back to the original videos here if you would like to know about the credits and what not:

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Uploaded on Dec 31, 2018 at 03:12 AM
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