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So I made this song in like two days so don't be surprised if it isn't "up to standard." But it's just something I really feel like I had to make. This song is supposed to be towards depression but I guess it fits with a lot of mental illnesses tbh. The last year of my life up until honestly this month had just been slowly going down. There was times it was great for sure but my general mental state just idk got really awful. I'd be sad literally all the time and have no idea why, but at the same time for some reason being sad is comforting at times. This song is meant to be hopefully like inspiring ik it definitely is for me. The pictures that flash at the first hook are people i love and am close too. The point of that was to show y'know as you see me sitting in a room just in the dumps so bad, you have all these good memories that are just forgotten. Whenever someone has a bad and negative mind it tends to just block out the good things which is extremely damaging in my opinion. So yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed you can comment or whatever if you feel like it and tell me what you thought but yeah thank you guys so much again for listening to my stuff.

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