Windows 98 on a Ryzen 7 2700

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Hardcore Windows 98, Segment 7
This one's real.

The total lack of PCI slots on most, if not all Ryzen motherboards, as well as most of the integrated motherboard components lacking backwards compatibility with Windows 98 means you're going to be very limited in what you can do on such a new computer... that is, unless you find the right expansion cards. You can use an ATI Radeon X300 PCI Express video card, but PCIe sound cards for Windows 98 are almost nonexistent. Yet with a cheap PCIe to PCI adapter and the right PCI sound card, it's suddenly a breeze to add sound capability to Windows 98 on an X470-based motherboard!

Since the ASUS Prime X470-PRO motherboard doesn't have backwards compatibility with IDE, Windows 98 needs to use a 16-bit compatibility mode file system in order to function. This appears to be the cause of some major performance penalties that come with running Windows 98 on such new systems, as it tends to run at its slowest when accessing the USB flash drive or any other disk it's installed to. Guess you should just hang on to that K6-2.

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