FASTEST Stock Car in Need For Speed History (No Mods)

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The FZR 2000 is a fictional super car.

It is featured in the Special Edition release of Need for Speed II as a Class A car and may be selected in red only. To unlock the car, players must complete Tournament Mode in first place. It is also possible to unlock the car upon entering the cheat code fzr2000' in the main menu.

The FZR 2000 is the fastest car in the game thanks to its top speed of 264 mph (426 kmh), stellar acceleration and ability of mastering corners with sufficient traction and precision.

The FZR 2000 looks similar to the 1988 Pontiac Banshee Concept Car.

Need for Speed II (released in Japan as Over Drivin' II) is a racing video game released in 1997. It is a part of the Need for Speed series and is the second installment in the series, following Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed.

The tracks are based on fantasized or exaggerated race courses in otherwise real settings around the world. For example, one in one course cars race through a Hollywood film set while in another cars race along the edge of the Himalayan mountain range.

Like its predecessor, Need for Speed II allows players to race exotic cars, either against computer-controlled opponents or human opponents via a LAN, modem or serial connection. There are three distinct gameplay modes: Single Race mode in which a player simply chooses a car and a course and completes a single race. In this mode, the player can customize both the number and type of opponents as well as the number of laps to be completed. Tournament Mode in which the player must complete a series of races successfully to unlock a bonus car. The Knockout Mode consists of a series of 2-lap races with 8 opponents; the last-place finisher at the end of each race is eliminated from the competition.

The game features eight real life high-end sports cars and concept cars which the player can drive and race against. The "Special Edition" release of the game added four additional cars. In addition, the game features a "showcase" which provides photos, videos, and technical information about the cars as well as the history of each company and background of each car's development.

The game also features several new elements compared to the previous game in the form of customizable car paint and components of their car including gear ratios, tires, and spoilers.
Special features
As in the original Need for Speed, the game features detailed specifications, history, and audio commentaries on each vehicle. The largest feature are several full motion video (FMV) segments for each of the cars, several of them being the professionally-produced videos for the concept vehicles.
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