sks2002 - Fairground Rave (Originally For the 1 Year Later Video for VidLii

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This was Released on the Smashing The DJ Deck EP, Get it on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Spotify.
Original Description:
Thank You for being one of my friends, Subscribers and more. There is people who are mentioned on this video who helped me in my content. This song is a demo but it mixed with the emotion of how 1 year felt like. A mixture of Happyness, Anger, Sadness, Rage, Stress and Vigilance (See the referance?). But still I would like to thank everyone (Even the haters (if i have any)) who actually full on gave me the motivation to make videos, music and more. Hell, even this website helped me inspire to make an album.
Uploaded on Jan 6, 2019 at 01:01 PM
Category: Music

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