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This song was probably the most complicated song I've written.
It took about 18 hours to make and I really really wanted to have the lyrics make perfect fluent sense. In my opinion right now America is just a absolute garbage pile.

The truth is you should take 98% of what you hear from the media as biased. There are middle ground sources but it really sucks that everyone just has there own agenda.
America is just gonna continue going down if we don't learn to get along. Everyone obviously doesn't have to agree, that's not the issue. The issue is the constant blame game and aggression that is shown everyday.

Just relax who cares what political party someone is.
In the end your just wasting your time.

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Verse 1:

Land of the free home of the cowards.
Controversy is how we are powered.
I learned Donald Trump is Satan.
I learned we progress by hatin'.
I learned that our youth are screwed.
We're dumb including you.
We're dumb so what to do.

Black on black and white on white.
Please check your stats cause that's the height.
We kill our own with no remorse.
Than blame each other till were forced.
Leave your kids but keep your pride.
Our Country is committing suicide.
Shut your face or leave the states.

I'm 17 but I have a brain.
To know that we've all gone insane.
Why don't you people close your phones.
We'll go to hell for what we owned.
Your Facebook page is pointless.
Debating everyone you can.
I fail to see what your point is.

Losing friends based on there views.
Then we go running to the pews.
To pray for the horrid Democrats.
We think everyone's a door mat.

I'll never vote i refuse to do that.
To many lies if you choose to do that.
Great but keep your views out of my face.
Verse 2:

Everybody needs to shut-up.
Think your thoughts before you run up.

Kids here wanna die.
Wasting your precious precious time.
Starting fights, claiming rights.
Things are tight. You should run.
Take my advice shoot for the sun.
In America you'll lose yourself.

2018 so embarrassing.
Kid's you should be barreling.
Were still alive but barley.
These people start to stare at me.

What's the answer this ain't it.
How do we gather up the bit's.
Falling down inside this pit.
I swear that everyone's a kid.

Yelling stuff we do not mean.
Being right just equals mean.
Who is right well see its me.
But then it's you were incomplete.

They say cops are really racist.
Not on a consistent basis.
I don't see you getting murdered.
But yet you go and you murmur.

One bad egg does not define.
A little chickens way of life.
If we follow how your thinking.
Pretty soon we'd all be brinking.
On the notion that you'd hurt her.
Cause another human murdered.
Take your sins i know you have.
divide your pride into two halves.
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