Action Extreme Gaming - Saturn Bomberman (Sega Saturn) Playthrough (Part 1)

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This is it Guys! The moment you've all been waiting for,my long awaited Walkthrough (Playthrough) of Saturn Bomberman for the Sega Saturn! for the longest time,I've always wanted to do a playthrough of a Sega Saturn Game,especially Saturn Bomberman,but could never find a good Sega Saturn Emulator up untile in recent years,and I've finnally Found one! I may even do a playthrough of the Sega Saturn Magic Knight Rayearth game next after I finish this playthrough!

The Bomberman series steps out of the 16-bit era for the first time and enters into the 32-bit terriorory 3rd demension for the first time Ever! and many gamers regard this as one of the best 2D Bomberman titles of All time,because this isn't just another 16-bit Super Bomberman Port or another turbo Grafx Bomberman reskin,No! because this is 32 BIT Saturn Bomberman baby!!! it's an all new game which this installment of the popular franchise introduces Mujoe and his Hige Hige Bandits,which they will became stable popular villians in future Bomberman titles including Bomberman Generations,Bomberman Max2 Blue,and not to mention Mujoe and his Hige Hige Bandits making an appearance in the 2002 Bomberman Jetters anime Tv series along with Bagular and Dr Mechadoc!

Also,the Hige Hige Bandit's Designs later predated the Notraiders from Star Twinkle Pretty Cure years Later after this game's

Anyway,for the first part of my Playthrough,I'll be tackling the first two worlds which are Amusement World and Samurai World!

Saturn Bomberman

Console: Sega Saturn

Year: 1997

Developer: Hudson Soft
Uploaded on Mar 10, 2019 at 06:03 AM
Category: Gaming

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