Community Guidelines

Last updated: 20 January 2019

The Golden Rules of Vanillo:

  1. Be respectful. - Respect other people, don't discriminate or encourage to discriminate against people for their race, religion, sexual orientation, or other beliefs.
  2. Don't upload anything that isn't yours. - Unless you have the explicit permission from the copyright holder, do not upload content that was not made or produced by you.
  3. No pornographic content is allowed. - Artistic and non-sexual nudity is allowed, but anything sexual is a no-go.
  4. Violent content - No depictions or encouragement of violence or abuse against specific people, groups of people, animals or children.
    If the violent content is intended to be shocking, it will be removed.
  5. Don't post illegal content. - Do not post anything that could be considered illegal content within the United States and your country or legal jurisdiction.
  6. No spam, scams, or deceptive content. - Clickbait (misleading tags, titles, thumbnails or descriptions), scams, spam and repetitive content is not allowed.
  7. No impersonation. - Creating a channel to impersonate another user or individual will be removed.
  8. Don't threaten or harass anyone. - Stalking, threats, intimidation, harassment, invading privacy and revealing personal information is not allowed.