Smellycraft Tutorials - Amazing NPC Chat Boxes

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This video is getting older AND newer. I've updated the script this technique depends on for better 1.13.2 compatibility... and to be easier for players to understand. Use it.

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- GUI Driven Shop NPCs
- Integrated Skins
- I've learned to code better, so will you.
We're going to make our Citizens a lot more personable and interesting today! There are two plugins plus a script to install, located here:
- Citizens:
- Denizen:
- MCL:
- Paginate command:

I highly recommend viewing the tutorials published by Alex Goodwin, author of Denizen to learn more:

I stream practice sessions for my tutorials and less educational putt-around-my-server streams at, with previews and notes @smellyonionman on Twitter. Come watch, help or suggest a demonstration!

Live server and web site are
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